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In You Are Great, Curtis Lewis writes in a play format using illustrations to keep the youth engaged through storytelling. This book encourages the reader to look within themselves and find their inner greatness. The character, Kid goes on his journey to school and is reminded by the people in his village to never give up and that he has something great to offer to the world.


The book reminds the youth that their story is being written every day by the story they tell themselves and how they treat others. It helps to build confidence and self- confidence in the reader.



It is important to share stories with messages to the youth, letting them know how important they are and that their dreams can be achieved by building their character and love towards themselves, which helps pass the same to others as their life goes on. Always being reminded no matter how challenging life gets, “YOU ARE GREAT!”


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Beauty Inside & Out is a dynamic play with moderate musical implementations that tells a story of beauty from various perspectives. Theresa has aspirations of building her own beauty salon. As she embarks on a journey, she encounters different beliefs, personalities, poor and rich people, she is faced with a duality when she starts to question the real meaning of beauty. There is a model who is in search of her beauty in outwardly things. She is an extreme beauty, a gem of ladies, but is suffering emotionally. On the other hand, there is a bum who goes by the name of Mr. Ernest and he happens to be at his lowest and still finds happiness in his life. Timmy is a corner store owner who sells hair and beauty products. He battles with the insecurities of having a big body. This play is filled with humor, celebration, remorse and passion. As each character copes with their respective pain, they are in search of finding beauty within.


Using art to inspire:
Touring  Plays
Youth Motivational Speaking
Acting Workshops
Yoga Workshops