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Book – Fear Saved My Life


Fear Saved My Life: 10 Ways to Make Your Dreams Bigger Than Your Distractions, takes you on a journey to discover your greatness


Curtis went out into the community dressed as a homeless man, Mr. Ernest. He had the slightest idea of the outcome. This experience gave Curtis courage and life expansion. Curtis uses Mr. Ernest as a vessel to engage audiences through storytelling and motivating them to go after their dreams.


Everyone has a story. Along the journey if we become what someone said we ought to be, fear starts to control our lives. We hide from the truth of what we are and start going in a direction where we don’t live out our dreams.

In this book you’ll step into a world of imagination, a place where dreams are attainable.

It is possible to live out your dreams. It is possible to be all that you are destined to be. And it all starts with seeing yourself as you truly are. You are great! Mr. Ernest says, “Tell the little boy and girl that they are great because they are.” Many people have yet to come into who they truly are. Curtis wrote this book to encourage others to discover their authentic selves. Who’s willing to move past their distractions and empower their truest self?

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